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Our desire at M7eCoach to provide a place for coaches, practitioners and trainers to receive the best online knowledgeable service along with the most desirable online solutions came from an innate need we have experienced in the past.  Upon creating starting our own practices, as well as further developing existing businesses, we searched high and low for one place that was able to provide everything we knew we would need to give us the ultimate edge.  After awhile, it became apparent that there wasn’t anything out there that would fill the needs we had.  We wanted the best, most up-to-date online solutions that provided us with the advantages we wanted.  We wanted to have leads generated that would provide us with clients, we wanted websites that we could update, we wanted blogs and newsletters we could send out, along with much, much more.  Knowing what you need is our strength, and providing what you need is our business.

M7eCoach online business console was built on the foundation of knowing the hard work which goes into building your own coaching practice.  We know the challenges in obtaining clients and getting your name out there.  And we know the need to have a dependable, supportive, and knowledgeable guide to help you navigate the path of becoming a successful NLP practitioner and building a flourishing practice.  How do we know all of this?  The simplest and most honest answer is that we have been there. 

We know because we have experienced the challenges and accomplishments, and as a result, have formed the best and most reasonable tool to help YOU build your business.  Our full-service, online solutions will provide you, as a practitioner or coach, with everything you need in order to share your services and to be as effective as possible.  We are here for you—to be your sounding board and encouraging partner, while providing the most cutting-edge online tools for you to ensure your greatest success.  We want for you what we wanted for ourselves—to change people’s lives while doing the best job you can, accomplishing as much as you envision for yourself!!


M7success is a marketing and promotions agency for life/success coaches, as well as hypnotherapist practitioners.  We work with those who desire to create, modify and expand their practice and business through an array of innovative marketing tools and strategies. 

Our team acts as the driving force behind the practitioners marketing as we work diligently and with careful attention to create a marketing package reflective of our coaches and their wishes. 

Our team is comprised of certified Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners.

The individuals at m7success have been in a similar place as you have—we finished our training and certification and wanted to begin our venture into hypnotherapy practice and success coaching, yet we did not have the faintest idea where to begin.  Through hard work and personal transformation, we established our personal business and then realized that we wanted to be the stepping stone for others to do the same.  We seek the people whose place we have been in, who are finished with training and are standing, certificate in hand, saying, “Now what?”  Our work is to create and supply you with a full package of tools that are both useful and productive.  Our work is to get you business, and we get that business by being innovative and creative.  Our work is your business.

We are an agency that understands the field and knows what it takes to get clients. We promote our coaches to achieve success in their desired arena.

At m7success, we have put together the most talented and proven individuals to create, develop and guide our clients to whatever goals they desire.  When you decide to come on board with our promotions agency, you will have a personal marketing coach guide you to were you know your business should be now.